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Piers is an experienced international keynote speaker. He is in high demand as an inspirational and accessible speaker delivering keynotes and informative and candid Q&A sessions that are designed for internal and external audiences, including suppliers and sales prospects.


Although bespoke talks are often requested, Piers's keynotes typically  focused on:


Personal journey
From a Lancashire mill town and failing his 11+ to law and investment banking at the highest level in the City and BBC Dragons’ Den.

Scaling up your business
Business change, growth, scaling up your business and its impact. See Piers's five factors for growth below.


Artificial intelligence (AI), technology and the future 

The impact of aritficial intelligence on the economy, business operations, enterprise, competition, employment, skills and society as we enter an age of exponential change. Piers is a 'Top AI Voice' on Linkedin.


Piers is a co-founder of Implement AI., a 'Top AI Voice' on Linkedin, and co-host of leading UK AI for business podcast, The AI-assisted Organisation.


The future of employment and skills based on his experience as a trustee of the UK's largest innovation agency, Nesta.


Diversity and inclusion
Personal experience and impact on business, society and social mobility built on his work as a charitable founder and with Sky.

Panels and Q&As

Piers is well-known for his participation on panels and for his open, honest and accessible Q&A sessions,which are a well-received component of many of his engagements.

"Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be the last human invention."

Piers Linney giving a motivational talk


Business Growth
& Scaling up


Piers shares his deep knowledge and experience of business, finance, M&A, change and business transformation in his 5 Factors for Business Growth talks.

1. Planning

2. Operations

3. People

4. Technology

5. Finance

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