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Transforming Businesses and Personal Lives with AI in 2024

I have held off getting back into the saddle until this week as 2024 is going to be a crazy year. If you haven't already guessed, my focus is going to be on building Implement AI to support SMEs to embrace, understand and implement artificial intelligence (AI).

When the history books are written (mostly by an AI) 2023 -2024 will be viewed as foundational years when we experienced  the beginnings of a period of exponential and permanent change. AI is still in its Pong and large ‘brick’ suitcase-sized mobile phone infancy. It will not take 20 – 50 years to achieve the equivalent of Red Dead Redemption II in gaming, or the iPhone in communications.  It might take 3- years, and then the pace of change will continue to accelerate.

At CES 2024, we are learning that next generation TVs and refrigerators will be shipped with AI to optimise your content intake and ensure you have all the ingredients you need for your extra special Coq au vin. Samsung demonstrtated Ballie, an AI-driven robot for the home.

Meet Ballie - Samsung's AI-powered home robot

So much of what I read and hear at the events and conferences I attend, or speak at, is about the power of large language models (LLMs), large enterprise use-cases, AI safety and esoteric debates about when we can expect the emergence of Artificial General intelligence (AGI).  It's all fascinating, but doesn’t help a business owner or senior leadership team understand how to implement AI today to get ahead of the game, and stay there.  The same goes for personal AIs and their incredible ability to superpower individuals, teach them, challenge them and support them in business and personally.

There is a ship leaving the harbour and we can all still make the jump from quayside, but that ship is accelerating away at increasing speed and there will come a day in the not-too-distant future when those on the quayside will be left there, and this time, the ship isn’t coming back.  This is not cloud computing transition - I am still asked to deliver the same keynotes about the power of cloud computing that I gave 10 years ago - or digital transformation, when an organisation can wait for 10 years before acting.

Waiting will be fatal, for your business, or your career.

In an exponential world, getting ahead means staying ahead.  I have reviewed many annual predictions (including those from our own #AI-assisted Organisation podcast) to generate this list of 20 AI predictions that will significantly impact both your corporate and personal life.

1. Generative AI's Mainstream Adoption: 2024 marks the year where generative AI becomes a staple in everyday life. For businesses, this means enhanced creative processes and automated content generation, leading to increased efficiency and innovation. Individuals will find everyday tasks simplified, from drafting emails to creating art. Access to generative Ai will be expected, especially as it is rolled out in productivity suites.

2. Voice Interfaces Everywhere: Voice technology will become ubiquitous, revolutionising user interfaces. Businesses can leverage this for customer service and internal operations, enhancing accessibility and user experience. For individuals, this means more intuitive interactions with technology, making life more convenient. The days of humans taking 1st line support calls are coming to an end.

3. Personal AI Adoption Surge: AI tools will become personal assistants in business, aiding in decision-making and data analysis. For individuals, these AI assistants can already offer personalised advice and learning, enhancing personal development and career growth.

4. The Rise of AI Companionship Market: Yes, I couldn’t ignore it. In 2024, we're witnessing the birth of a massive market for AI and embodied AI (robots) focused on personal companionship, marking a pivotal shift in both technology and social interaction. This emerging trend is not just a leap in robotics and AI development; it's a bridge towards fulfilling human emotional and social needs through technology.

'Her' may be here (watch the film (Her) if this means nothing to you)

5. Local AI on Mobile Devices: AI integration in mobile devices will offer businesses real-time data analysis and customer insights on the go. Individuals will enjoy more personalised and context-aware mobile experiences, from shopping to health monitoring.  Small LLMs will run without access to the internet, making AI available to anyone, anywhere.

6. Sophisticated AI-Driven Cybersecurity: With the rise in AI-powered cyber threats, businesses must adopt advanced AI-driven security measures. Individuals will also benefit from more robust personal cybersecurity solutions, protecting their digital lives. In 2024, we will see the start of the AI cyber arms race and potentially significant crimes executed using AI-related technology.

7. AI Integration in Operating Systems: Businesses will see enhanced productivity and streamlined operations with AI-integrated operating systems. For individuals, this means smarter, more responsive devices that adapt to personal preferences and usage patterns.

8. AI-Assisted Organisations Outperform: Businesses leveraging AI will start to gai noticeable competitive advantage, with AI driving growth and innovation. Individuals working in AI-assisted organisations will experience a more dynamic, efficient work environment and employers leveraging Ai to empower employees to focus on more meaningful work will attract the best talent.

The AI-assisted Organisation will be the only type of organisation

9. AI Breakthroughs in Non-Tech Sectors: AI will revolutionise industries like construction and retail, offering new business opportunities and efficiencies. For consumers, this means more personalised and efficient services.

10. AI Agents in Workplaces: AI agents will become team members, enhancing business operations and decision-making. Employees will interact with AI colleagues, leading to a unique collaborative environment.  In most cases, humans will remain in the loop for the time being.

11. Mergers and Acquisitions in AI: The AI landscape will start to experience consolidation, impacting market dynamics and business strategies. For individuals in the tech sector, this could mean more job opportunities and advancements for those with the right skill sets and experience.

12. Adoption of AI-Driven Content Creation Tools: Businesses will harness AI tools for efficient content creation, enhancing marketing and communication strategies. Individuals will find creative expression more accessible, with AI simplifying content creation. Multimodality and improved image, animation and video generation will equip everybody with the ability to be creative and reduce the costs of high quality and personalised content.

13. Opensource AI Models Competing with Proprietary Models: The rise of open-source AI will continue to democratise AI development, offering businesses more options and flexibility. For tech enthusiasts and developers, this means more accessible and collaborative AI development opportunities, although some opensource models will lack the guardrails put in place by the providers of proprietary models.

14. Generative AI Integration into Workflows: Businesses will increasingly integrate generative AI into workflows, enhancing productivity and innovation. For employees, this means adapting to AI-assisted work processes, requiring new skills and approaches. Growth and margin enhancement will be powered by AI implementation.

15. AI Policy and Safety Discussions: Businesses must navigate evolving AI policies and regulations, impacting strategy and compliance. Individuals will need to stay informed about AI safety and ethical considerations, affecting their interaction with AI technologies.

16. AI Chips and Hardware Development: Businesses in tech and manufacturing will start to benefit from the massive investment in advanced AI chips and hardware, driving innovation and performance. More competition will improve access to more powerful and efficient models.

17. AI Will Become Somebody’s Day Job: Organisations will realise the somebody needs to own AI as CIOs and CTOs currently do not have the complete skill set. Businesses will recruit Chief AI Officers and specialists to ensure that AI is implemented at the right pace and in the right areas to maximise the return on investment and competitive advantage.

18. AI in the Legal System: The legal sector's adaptation to AI will influence business compliance and operations. Individuals will witness changes in legal processes and services, with AI playing a more significant role in the justice system.

19. There Will Be No AI Trough of Disillusionment: Unlike crypto or the metaverse, AI will not suffer from loss of momentum and interest in its potential.  Investment and news cycles may slow, but the tangible benefits of AI and the results of the billions invested will result in new and transformative developments.

As we navigate through 2024, it's clear that AI is not just a fleeting trend but a fundamental shift in how we conduct business and live our lives.  Change brings uncertainty, but the development of AI, and eventually AGI, is inevitable.  The changes we will experience will be greater than the impact of the internet.

As we tell our Implement AI clients – implement AI before your competition does!

Thanks for reading.

Visit: Implement AI to learn more about AI for business.


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