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Anthropy23: The Future of Britain

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Anthropy23 and The Eden Project venue

Last year I drove to Cornwall in my van conversion not knowing what to expect from the first Anthropy, which took place within a venue that effortlessly melds nature with human ingenuity - The Eden Project.

The event was a huge success and I had conversations with experts from a wide range of fields, made new friends and caught up with for-profit and social entrepreneurs, politicians, policy makers and caught up with like-minded friends and acquaintances I have not seen for some time. This year there are over 180 sessions with more than 500 speakers.

Anthropy stands on four pillars which reflect its core ethos:

  • People: The quest for equity of opportunity for all, irrespective of one's starting point in life.

  • Place: A call for harmony between our natural and built environments.

  • Prosperity: Encouraging entrepreneurial endeavour through ethical and sustainable businesses.

  • Perspective: Adopting an outward-looking stance to address global issues and contribute positively on the international stage.

At its core, Anthropy aims to source ideas and encourge positive change by fostering collaborative thinking about the future of Britain among diverse leaders. The goal is to shape the national narrative towards positivity, sustainability, equity, and success.

Anthropy23 (1st – 3rd November 2023) will be another amazing gathering within the beautiful biomes of the The Eden Project that house lush gardens under futuristic geodesic domes. When was the last time you joined a panel discussion in a rainforest? The Eden Project isn't merely a venue but a symbol of what Anthropy aims to nurture - a blend of nature, innovation, technology and community.

The Anthropy23 agenda

Anthropy23 is not merely a gathering, but a crucible where thought-provoking ideas meet actionable solutions. The meticulously crafted agenda, that you can access via the Anthropy23 app, reflects this ethos. I have been automatically invited to a series of sessions that reflect my interests and there are many more that I will attend to learn something new. Last year I was placed on a table for dinner with a well-known conservationist and a classical musician and learned a few things. It is such cross-pollination of ideas and relationships that creates value.

This year, the discussions are segmented into themes that touch upon various facets of societal and economic realms. The 'Future of Britain' invites a discourse on the nation's vision, 'A Female Future' explores the transformative power of female leadership, while 'Our Land, Water & Air' delves into stewardship of our natural heritage. Each theme, curated with precision, aims to not only evoke a dialogue but stir a movement towards a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous Britain.

Panel discussions and ‘In Conversation with Piers Linney’

The panel discussions at Anthropy23 are a nexus of knowledge, experience, innovation and noticeable passion. Read about the speakers and panel discussions that take place over three days on the Anthropy web site:

I am participating in several panel discussions and I am excited to be able to host another ‘In Conversation with Piers Linney' session on 2nd November at 11am (location: Core -The Lab). This session will provide an opportunity to share insights from my journey in entrepreneurship, technology, finance, and more. I am also focused on the impact of artificial intelligence on our economy, institutions, children and society generally. You can read some of my blogs on this here:


I am a minor leagure player when it comes to the roster of attendees and speakers at Anthropy23 is nothing short of unbelievable. I look forward to engaging with such industry leaders and change-makers. Find out who is attending and speaking here:

Anthropy23 is a must-attend event

On arrival at The Eden Project last year, I didn’t know what to expect. A year later the enthusiasm for Anthropy23 has snowballed and it has attracted supportive sponsors. It is an event that will grow in its content, reach, significance and eventual impact.

For anyone interested in having thought-provoking discussions and contribute towards a better Britain, this gathering is a must-attend event.

It is only 10 days away.

By making my their way to Cornwall for a few days, attendees have to commit to participating and taking a break to think, soak up the environment and the venue, look up from their phones and hold meaningful conversations. There are clear signs requesting all attendees to leave their egos at the door.

There is little more important that building a better Britain and it is a legacy that we should all strive to leave for generations to come.

Register and purchase your tickets

You can register and purchase your tickers on the Anthropy website here

Thanks for reading.

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