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Are you looking for ideas to work on your contract law homework? Or are you stuck midway working on it? In either case, you need help to work on a Contract Law Assignment writing services.

Law assignments are complex, dealing with diverse issues or topics. However, students should either meet their deadlines or lose their grades in the final exams.

So, what is the solution to this problem? That is what we’re about to find out. Are you ready?

Valuable tips to help you work on contract law assignment

Let us first look at the basic elements of a contract –

1. Offer and Acceptance

2. Time of Offer Acceptance

3. Tenure of the Offer

1. Offer and Acceptance

The existence of a legal contract is applicable, with one end placing the offer and the other end accepting that offer. The procedure can occur over pen-and-paper or by word-of-mouth.

2. Time of Offer Acceptance

Regular business operations can confuse offer and acceptance rules. There are instances when the acceptance of an offer takes time. For example, there might be a decision to consider a better opportunity on the present proposal. Or the decision to Online Nursing Assignment Help changes before the party makes a choice.

3. Tenure of the Offer

An offer with its expiration date declared can remain active for some time. However, the reasonable part shall vary with the business type and the condition of the situation.

The inclusion of an expiration date removes the doubt, and the party can take its decision before the date.Take swift action to avoid the expiration date. Till the acceptance of the offer from the other end, its offeror (the organization or the individual to make the offer) can revoke the offer.

Revoking the offer

You can revoke the offer till the other party accepts it. However, if the party accepts that offer, you cannot cancel it; instead, you'll come into a binding agreement with that party. You can get help from report writing services to know more about revoking offers.

Expiration Dates

An option or an offer with an expiration date is not free of cost. Since the offer remains pending within the set time, the offer or cannot claim anyone else. Thus, the seller has the right to charge for their period.


A contract law shall include these basic features that can help you either in writing reports or in a thesis writing help. Study these features in more detail for better clarity.

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