Let's Talk About Diversity & Inclusion on Clubhouse (audio-only)

The title should really be 'Let's Not Just Talk About Diversity & Inclusion' as action is what brings about change. A society is not truly a fair one until the top of it (however you define that) represents the bottom, and until everyone has equal access to opportunity, irrespective of their ethnicity, who they love, what God they do or don't believe in, what networks their parents have, or their socio-economic background, gender, age, disability or what post (zip) code they just happen to live in.

This is one of the first rooms I have scheduled in Clubhouse and if it works out, I would like to establish a Community to run regular audio-only events covering all aspects of this important, but complex subject. In these rooms as long as you are there to add value and/or learn, nobody needs to avoid participating in fear of getting the nomenclature wrong, or not being up to date with the latest politically correct acronym. Each conversation will end on what action can be taken to effect change.

I have recently been involved in championing new research undertaken by British Business Bank (and Extend Ventures) that highlighted the 'profound effects ethnic and economic background, gender and place have on entrepreneurial opportunity'. Ethnic minority entrepreneurs suffer from worse outcomes due to a lack of access to financial and social capital. Increasing diversity and inclusion is also key to reversing declining rates of social mobility. Software-driven and highly automated economies are a generation away, and once that ship leaves the proverbial harbour we may never be able to bridge the gap.

I am really pleased that I will be joined by:

Kanya King (CBE) : Founder & CEO, MOBO Organisation.

Producer, Creator and serial entrepreneur. kanyaking.com

Suki Sandhu OBE: Founder & CEO, Audeliss and INvolve.

A globally recognised expert in talent, diversity and inclusion.

Hema Marshall: Former, Director, Small Business and Inclusion and Diversity Officer. UK and Ireland at Cisco.

I made a video with Hema about small businesses and tech.

Clubhouse is still in beta and invite only. Join the room here at 7pm.

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