Let's Talk About Diversity & Inclusion #2: Financial & Social Capital

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

This discussion will focus on access to financial capital and the impact of a lack of social capital (e.g. networks) . How do we take action to ensure that ambition is connected with capital?

I have recently been involved in championing new research undertaken by British Business Bank (and Extend Ventures) that highlighted the 'profound effects ethnic and economic background, gender and place have on entrepreneurial opportunity'.

Ethnic minority entrepreneurs suffer from worse outcomes due to a lack of access to financial and social capital. Increasing diversity and inclusion is also key to reversing declining rates of social mobility. See or download (PDF) the summary infographic below.

I am really pleased that I will be joined by:

Erika Brodnock: Co-founder & Head of Research, Extend Ventures.

Visiting Research Fellow, Kings College London.

Rodney Appiah: Chairman & Co-founder, Cornerstone Partners.

First UK angel syndicate focused on investing in businesses led by black and diverse founders

Check Warner: Partner, Ada Ventures.

New $50m UK-based venture fund focused on supporting and funding diverse founders.

Anika Henry: Black Founders & EMEA Partner Manager, Google for Startups UK

Co-author of The Black Report, the first qualitative report on Black startup founders in the UK.

Clubhouse is still in beta and invite only. Join the room here at 6pm on Sunday, 7th Feb.

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