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Implement AI before your competition does

Implementing AI technologies in your business is not optional.

This is article is based on aLinkedin post by Aalok Shukla, my co-founder of Implement AI, following an insightful all day workshop event that we ran last week. The feedback has been unbelievable and has helped us to firm up our productised consultancy offering for small and medium-sized business in the UK, Ireland and UAE.

Implement AI event discussing the future of business

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is set to drive significant business transformation, understanding how to leverage it is crucial for any organisation, whether for-profit, or not. Today, moving swiftly is more than just a competitive advantage, it is a survival imperative. The ship is leaving the harbour and there will be a point after which making the leap fro the quayside is impossible. It is extremely difficul to catch up with an exponential.

We started Implement AI to support businesses and senior management in evolving into an AI-assisted business as quickly as possible. The goal is to maximise growth, profits, and your company valuation. As many have said, including myself,

'AI may not replace you or your business. But, a person or business assisted by AI will.'

AI, artificial general intelligence (AGI) super-intelleigence, or AI in walking and talking robots, is a question of time horizon. When, not if.

The asteroid like impact of AI: Do look up

We're at the dawn of a new era—an era of AI. As my previous articles have explained, we will transition from an AI-assited world to an AI-first world with new generations that would rather place their trust in an autonomous car or a robo-lawyer, that a human equivalent, because they will be safer or better.

The impact of AI on businesses will be akin to an asteroid impact, and the impact is imminent as we track its progress towards us. Unlike in the recent hollywood allegory, Don't Look Up, you really should. AGI would change the world in a heartbeat. This asteroid will result in an explosion of innovation and business, economic and societal change. We remain optimists about the power of AI and that it will be aligned with humans.

This impact is the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Recognising this, we started Implement AI based on an approach that is grounded in the need for a top-down plan, including policies, governance, and even a fractional AI officer whose job is to scan possibilities across all departments. It is nobody's job today. In the session last week, Alan Smith calculated a £2m+ upside in the valuation of a business with just £1m of revenue. The window to leverage this change is three years at best. Now is the time to act and Implement AI is ready to guide businesses through this transformation.

The AI dilemma: Snakes or ladders?

The impact of AI can be positive or negative—it's your choice. Tese events are helping us to fine tune our services to help our clients to move quickly, to be proactive, fostering positive outcomes. In the AI era, rigidity in departments and job titles may prove a hindrance as AI evolves as a co-pilot, a co-worker, and as an agent. This shift necessitates adaptability from your team. You'll want general purpose, clever, and curious people who can thrive with the new possibilities that AI-first tools bring.

Capitalise on AI's current and growing capabilities

The capabilities of AI right now—which is at the Nokia Snake level—already far exceed what most humans can understand, and these capabilities are rapidly growing. The challenge lies not in the technology, but in organisations having the vision and leadership to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities. Our job is to stay ahead of the curve to guide businesses towards a future where AI is seamlessly integrated and effectively utilised.

Foster a compelling team vision

As AI becomes integral to business operations, it's crucial to include your team in this vision. Implement AI believes in the significant opportunities available for everyone willing to upskill. It is not a case of cutting costs or people. The goal is to grow without adding cost to optimise and increae margins. Your team can focus on the power of AI on internal or external factors.

AI and the evolving job landscape

The traditional career pathway—starting as a junior and working one's way up—is changing as AI assumes entry-level roles. Understanding what technology can do and how to add value in your industry has become critical. It was interested to hear legal and accounting professionals say that their sectors will change profoundly and even almost vanish (i.e. accounting).

You need to recruit people with the know-how and willingness to learn and embrace rapidly evolving technologies. They will be AI-assisted from hereon.

AI is not some distant reality—it's here

Ai is already reshaping business as we know it. We are excited about the potential to add amterial value to businesses and to ensure that they remain optimised.

For more information, or to sign up for an AI Boardroom Update & Training, go to Implement AI and complete the form, or message us.

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