Black Lives Matter

How does reading the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ make you feel? Do you feel a flicker of discomfort or unease. Do you ask yourself internally, “What about other lives?” If you do then you are part of the problem, but you can be part of the solution. It isn’t just about Black lives such as George Floyd’s being snuffed out again and again. There are UK cases too. This is not just about the ending of Black lives, it is about improving whole lives. The Black female founder of a mental health charity once explained to me that Black men were 7x more likely to suffer psychosis than their White counterparts. She believes that as children we all have the same hopes, dreams and ambitions but as Black boys grow up it becomes clear that access to opportunity is not equal.

They will never fulfil their dreams - imagine growing up believing that.

Black lives matter from cradle to grave. Society is not fair until the top looks like the bottom and that requires equal access to opportunity. If you are an employer, face and shake off your bias and look further afield for talent. If you are an investor, extend your networks. If you are a person of colour doing well, share your journey and be a role model to inspire.

Invest in the lives of people of colour and be part of the solution.

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