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Meet PiersBot, your personal business mentor. I am asked the same questions all the time and have created PiersBot to share my know-how, knowledge and experience. PiersBot is being trained on the entire contents of my #Startup with Piers Linney course, my YouTube videos, my newsletter and social media posts. PiersBot is an AI-powered chatbot that offers genuine guidance and support to anyone starting, operating, or growing a business.


 You can chat with PiersBot anytime, anywhere and get real-time answers to your questions. Running a business can be challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. PiersBot is here to offer practical advice and support and it feels like you are talking directly to me.


PiersBot is based on content I have produced and is not advice. Although I hope PiersBot is helpful and demonstrates how your own output can be shared, including within a business, it is for education and entertainment purposes only. If you don't receive the response you expected, try re-wording your question.


PiersBot is not a contact method. If you are interested in discussing speaking, content partnerships or advisory roles, contact me using the form or by email. Ask PiersBot something below and try detailed prompts.  If the answer doesn't seem to make sense, try re-wording it. More content is being added over time.  

To listen to an AI-generated version of my voice read the text on this page, press the play button below.

“AI will not replace you or your business. A person or business assisted by AI will.”

MidJourney /blend of robot image and photo of Piers
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