Culture is key to success

Culture is key - in 55 seconds! If you are a #startup you should be thinking about it, ensuring it is understood and that new hires reflect it. If you want to #scaleup , you may have never stopped to think about your culture even though all organisations possesses one. If you haven’t thought about it yet, now is the time to do so.

What is #ScaleUp?

Why am I focusing my energies on #ScaleUp companies as well as startups? Read my article too here.

Why we should separate growth businesses from SME/SMBs

The majority of entrepreneurs, wherever they are in the world, start businesses to exploit a perceived market opportunity. Although the vast majority of businesses employ less than 10 people, they are not started out of economic necessity. The entrepreneurial spirit is to maximise value from the opportunity. From the statistics below it is obvious that the vast majority of businesses in the UK or US employ less than 10 people (96% in the US and 99% in the UK). They fall wit

Embrace technology to grow, and automate everything.

Whether you are just about to #StartUp or are planning to #ScaleUp, embrace the powerful technology that exists and where possible automate. I could end this article right here. However, many entrepreneurs forget that technology is on their side – its can level playing fields, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce risk, increase revenues, improve communications and, most importantly, free you to focus on what matters.  Even when I co-founded a dot-com in 2000, we spend

AskPiers: #2

First things first. It's #worldmentalhealthday. It is OK, not to be OK. You asked and I have answered with some input from my network of entrepreneur with experience. Questions from Alexis, Steve and Mutiny Shaving on scaling fitness, whether to scaleup a lifestyle business and how to manage growth, fulfilment and packaging. #AskPiers #ScaleUp Taking fitness to the next level Hi Alexis. I am not 100% clear whether the coaches are looking to #scaleup training individuals or wh

Check What You Think You Know and Research the Known Unknowns Before Building Your Business

Business is as much about managing a wide variety of risks as it is about pursuing your vision. If you don’t do your homework, you are taking on unnecessary financial, market and execution risk. Donald Rumsfeld, the former US Secretary of Defense, famously commented that there are things that you know that you know. There are also known unknowns - things that you know you don't know. There are also unknown unknowns - things you don’t know you don't know. Too many entrepreneur

AskPiers: #1

You asked and I, with a little help from friends, have answered. Questions from Akhtar, Jeremy and Ben (where are the women?) on hiring that first employee, finding angel investors and getting through the door to sell. #AskPiers #ScaleUp Selling and getting through the door There is no shortcut Akhtar. It involves wearing out several pairs of shoes, networking and having a clear strategy so that you don’t waste time and resource. It depends why you want to connect - to test a

Don't Just Startup. Scaleup

Startup Everyone has a business in them. Everyone should startup at least once, even if it is to supplement employed income and provide a safer space to spread those entrepreneurial wings. We are all becoming our own units of production that corporations will want to hire for discreet projects or finite amounts of time. The gig economy is coming for all employment so why not take control of your own destiny and start your own business? Yes, it involves risk, uncertainty, hard